За нашу та вашу свободу! Слава Україні! (k0t1) wrote,
За нашу та вашу свободу! Слава Україні!

The Odessa tragedy: bloody trail of "russian spring"

Late winter and early spring of 2014 events in Odessa were identical to the events in Donetsk and Lugansk regions: “Russian marshes” and meetings beneath Russian flags with demands to protect from “Kiev junta” and attempts to establish “Odessa people’s republic”. It ended up with a war in Donbass. Odessa is peaceful still. Kremlin’s project called “Russian Spring” aimed to exclude 8 south-eastern regions of Ukraine from the rest of the country, had failed. Why has it happened? And what happened on 2nd of May 2014? Events participants and whiteness tell us about it. This film is based on materials of independent investigation which was implemented by “2nd of May Group”.
Elizaveta Tatarinova is an author of the film. Camera men: Victor Levchuk, Alexei Didyk.
TTB Studio Production.
©NGO “Expert- analitycal agency “2nd of May Group”.
Film produced with financial aid of Open Society Foundation and International Renaissance Foundation
Translation (subtitles and sound) - NGO Rozmay
Tags: контрпропаганда
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